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Protect your home from termite

Conventional Treatment Methods


Pre Treatment (Soil Treatment), The common treatment consists of termiticides being applied to the soil before the slab is poured.

Type of treatment

  • Spraying all foundation excavations
  • Injection of building foundation (if any)
  • Spraying the cover surface of the excavated foundation
  • Spraying the entire surface of the ground before the floor

Post Treatment (Termite Full Proofing), The common treatment consists termiticides being applied to the soil after the building stands. When? The finished/finished building to prevent and or control termite attacks

Type of treatment

  • Along with Floor Foundation Injection
  • Injection on the ceramic floor is done at each meeting of ceramic grout
  • Spraying Timber / Wood (if any)
  • Requires information data about water pipelines, underground electricity lines, etc
  • Inspection and Reporting Quality Check every 1 (one) time per year according to the warranty period

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