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Protect your home from termite

About termite treatment and measurement

The main termite control method includes the soil treatment by spraying chemicals on the soil surface, and wood treatment by spraying chemicals on the wood surface so the chemicals seep into pillars and foundations.

We will carefully perform the treatment until every corner of the house, based on the standardized treatment method written on our manual.

Two reasons you need to do termite control immediately

First, let's talk about the need for termite control. There are two reasons to take action at an early stage of termite control and prevention:

1. Termite control and house repairment can be expensive

Leaving termite damage can be costly to remove and repair it later, so you need to take action immediately. Mostly the termite control and house repairment fee will vary based on the large area of treatment. For example, besides termite control cost, the increased damage can result in significant additional repair costs due to additional work that has to be performed. Therefore, in the case of termite control, if we don’t take action immediately the cost will be really expensive.

2. Risk of the house will collapse

If your home is eaten by termites, the risk of house collapse will increase. The damage mainly spreads from underfloor which is an area of ​​termites activities, and then to the pillars of the house. It is very dangerous if the part used to withstand the side impact on the house is damaged.

When the pillars that have the function to increase seismic strength are damaged by termites, there is a risk that the house will collapse easily during an earthquake or heavy rain.


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