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Protect your home from termite

Termite Resistant House


How to build termite resistant house
In nature, a termite is called “forest decomposer” because their role is to eat wood and decompose.  Even though it is a problem for us that they eat our precious furniture or house. Once damage happens, we have to remove it but we should consider how to build the house that would not be eaten.

Today, we would like to explain how to build termite resistant houses. When you build a new house or renovate your house, please take measures against termites.

What termite eats? Case study of eating damage by termite
Speaking of termites, people would imagine they eat house pillars and trees but it is not only trees what they eat. In fact, they eat everything from plastic to concrete. As a result, termites can spread everywhere. Wood is a favourite for termites. Because termite feed on cellulose, a component of wood.

termite on the floor

In other words, they eat wood for nutrition. That is why they eat wood materials such as the pillars in houses. In particular, many cases are reported of termite damage in place with high humidity or poor ventilation.

Places where water is leaking around water, such as bathrooms, washrooms, and kitchens and places where trees are rotting due to rain leaks are places where termites are particularly vulnerable. It happens because termites are vulnerable to dryness and prefer a damp place. However, in fact, they eat not only wood but anything else also.


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