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Protect your home from termite

Tips for house foundation when build new house!
Material and structure to protect from termites

Especially when you plan to build a new house, you should be careful to protect the house from termites.

damaged wall

In order to build a termite resistant house, it is important to use selected materials to make it hard for termites to enter the house. In general, termites enter the house under the ground. It is important to consider the house foundation and structure to make it hard for them to enter from the ground. 

Mat foundation is known as one of the most effective methods. But it doesn’t mean termite damage wouldn’t occur at all. It is also necessary to put a metal plate under the foundation or to put metal fine mesh in order to prevent termites from entering the house. It is important to select material too. It is better to use the hardwood instead of the softwood that termite likes. It is also important to order prevention such as preventive construction. 


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