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Failure case of termite control

Failure case of termite control and how to select a non-failed provider
Termites are one of the insects that have lived for hundreds of millions of years. They are known as having very strong vitality.
They build nests in various places because they eat everything. Therefore, the home has been affected by termites or has been eaten, and cannot escape termite damage without thorough eradication.

In order to protect your house, termite control must not be failed. This time, we will explain about the failure case of termites control and how to select a non-failed provider.

How to exterminate termites by yourself
If you have to exterminate termites by yourself, you should use a special termite control product on the market. Actually the products have some variation but you should check 3 points as below.

  • Slow Effect
  • Contain components which termites like (non-repellent)
  • Components infect to other termites (Propagation)

The best way to exterminate their whole nest is to feed termites with pest control or put it on their body and bring them back to the nest.

Even if you get rid of termites which you can see, there are some times that termites still survive in the nest. It is better to choose a slow effect product or bait instead of a fast effect product in order to let termites cannot escape. Product effect would be spread in the nest because termites have a habit of grooming each other’s bodies.

Benefits of Order Specialist
You should not try to break termite nests or put extermination on it at home if you find them. They form new nests called “colonies” at other places when they cannot return back to their own nest even if they live in groups.

It is hard to understand the structure of their whole nest for non-specialists, and it can happen to spread their nests because you try to do it by yourself. Their nest does not disappear naturally, it is the best way to order specialists who know their ecology as well. Although the details of the service vary depending on the providers, it is also a great advantage to order them to have termite eradication, termite prevention to prevent a recurrence, and regular inspection. Many provider cover warranty for 5years, so if a termite recurs, they cover treatment for free, or you can take action before the damage spreads when regular inspections.


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