Termite Encyclopedia

Termite Encyclopedia


There are many people who found white termite and winged termite around their house and they are rushing to search about termites, don’t we? If our precious house or furniture is eaten by the termites, it is kind of an emergency situation, right? Sometimes we found termite’s wings inside our room or we saw winged termite flies around. 

I want to know if the insect I saw is a termite or not?
If it is termite, what should I do?

Don’t worry! We will share useful information that can help you to answer those kinds of questions. How to distinguish termite and winged termite, how to find their nest and feces, how to do treatment and prevention, how to select termite control service provider, and so on.

What kind of insect termite is? Let’s get to know about them.

Let’s know about termite characteristic and handle it. Termite appearance is almost similar to an ant, yet termite’s ecosystem is different with and termite is cockroach family. 

It is in the form of an ant with limbs from birth and repeats moulting to become an adult. (Ordinary ants are maggots when they are born). Hatched termites can walk on their own, but cannot do any activity, such as eating. For this reason, there are helper ants in the nest that take care of the larva, giving nutrients to grow.

In the termite nest, society is established with the queen and at the top. All four termite wings are about the same size, and when they spread it, it is similar to dragonfly wings.


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