Termite Encyclopedia

Generally, there are two types of termite

Both are harmful to our homes. Each of them has a different ecology. Home termite and Taiwanese Termite are classified as subterranean termite.
This type of termite move underground, infiltrate the house and causing damage by eating wood. Among the subterranean termite, some are making the road and some are making the nests. Even when our eyes cannot spot termites, we can still spot their existence with several signs.

American termite and Daikoku Termite are classified as dry-wood termite.

This type of termite eats dry wood, causing damages to places we cannot imagine before such as roofs and home furniture.

Drywood termites don’t make nests underground, they live inside the wood where they eat them.

Termite Feeding Speed

Home termites in their breeding season cause the most destruction. One nest can produce tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of termites. In fact, large nests are capable of producing millions of termites.


One termite can eat as much as 70g of wood in a day. Thus, in a year they can eat as much as 25 kg of wood. In just a few months, termites can eat up the window and door frames. Within half a year they can eat up to 10kg of wood. Even during their breeding season to one million termites, they still capable to cause destruction to our homes.


It maybe looks impossible but in fact, people are unaware that termites are building a nest inside their houses. For years, the homeowner never performs an inspection or termite extermination. This could lead to fatality and homeowners are suggested to get a termite inspection and extermination services from a vendor immediately.



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