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Common failure case of termite extermination
It is better to order specialists for termite extermination than do it on your own.
However, some providers don't have much experience and rogue providers also exist among many specialists. It isn't worth paying if termite extermination wouldn’t be completed. So what would happen if we select a rogue provider or termite extermination fails? Let’s see the common failure case that actually has occurred.


The whole house smelled of chemicals after spraying termite extermination
When we spray termite extermination under the floor, we need to understand the structure of the house and air circulation. If you spray it without considering it even though the house structure is indoor circulation type, it is natural to have a strong chemical smell.

Termites are found immediately after termite extermination
There is no point in exterminating termites which you found without knowing their characteristics and ecology. If you just kill the termites that appeared only, not the nest, termites will come again. To destroy the nest, it might take a few days or more, therefore, you should find an experienced provider just in case it happens.

The provider doesn’t cover warranty even termites are found immediately after extermination and you asked for re-extermination.
Generally, the warranty covers 5years after extermination. It is also a problem to emerge termites immediately after extermination but the matter is that they don’t re-exterminate even within the warranty period.

The provider told you that the extermination is harmful to animals after execution, even if you have asked to use safe chemicals for your pets
Strong chemicals can help extermination but we need to be careful because some chemicals are harmful to specific animals.

Provider scratch house when you select the cheapest provider
In some cases that you quote some providers and select the cheapest one, they don't care about your house so much and they scratched some part of the house. If the cost is too low, there might be some reason for it. Please check the details of their service and warranty as well in advance.

The provider cannot be contacted even within the warranty period of termite extermination
The provider who cannot be contacted during the warranty period, perhaps they never have considered warranty since the beginning. We need to be careful rogue providers.

They will force you to contract when you tried their inspection service which they offered you for free
You should be careful about door-to-door sales. Their trick point is to point out various problems during inspection service which they offer for free, and they force you to contract it. There is nothing other than a rogue provider who pushes you to contract even if you decline it.

Unnecessary service is charged with a high cost
In this case, providers show cheap estimation for the first time but they charge unnecessary service at a high cost even if they didn’t confirm with you in advance. Please pay attention to it because some of them charge you a lot unexpectedly.
We hope you are careful when choosing a provider to avoid such failures.


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