Termite Encyclopedia

Termite extermination using chemical treatment.

The result from termite prevention and extermination last for years?
The results of chemical treatment will vary depending on the circumstances of each home environment, but in general, the longest will last for 5 years. Current chemicals are easy to decompose if compared to previous chemicals so that the result will be shorter.

But, the good thing from today’s chemicals is that they are environmentally friendly. Current chemicals are easier to use. This does not mean that when the efficacy of chemicals has ended we will soon find termites in our homes. When this time comes, it means that we shall spray new chemicals.

spray the roof

What are the differences between termite prevention and extermination?
In general, prevention act is to prevent termite before they invest in the house. While extermination means any act to exterminate termites that already infested the house.

There are two types of preventive measures. First, preventive measures when the home is first built. Second, preventive measures when the home is already built. Both first and second types use the same method. But to treat old homes is difficult compared to new homes. A highly experienced expert is needed.

There are no specific rules on how to exterminate termites, the type of chemicals used, the concentration and the amount. Why? because termites extermination highly depends on the place and the type of termite itself. In addition, the person who exterminates termites must have enough flexibility in the decision-making process. Therefore, to exterminate termites properly requires a lot of knowledge and experience. Moreover, the use of safe chemicals is important.


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