Termite Encyclopedia

Several reasons why we need to take immediate action when it comes to termite!

What will happen if we do nothing?
Around 50% of houses in Japan are damaged because there is no action to solve termite problems. Destruction by the activities of termites can happen everywhere every time.

Then, what will happen if termites infested the house? 
If a house is damaged by the activities of termites, the house will be tilted or unstable, resulting in a shorter life span of the building itself. When this happens, a reform or rebuild is necessary but it requires a large amount of money.

In addition, when a cyclone or earthquake occurs, the damage caused by termites can cause buildings to collapse. Protecting homes from termites means protecting the life of the occupant and protecting the value of the building itself.

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It is best to prevent it before we fall as victims. Preventive measures by spraying chemicals are important, but it is best if we conduct regular inspection and maintenance. But, if preventive measures have been taken and termites are still causing damages to our property, then it is best to get help from a professional vendor.

To create a safe and termite-free environment, it is important to be careful every day. How far you need to act depends on the conditions of your home environment. For example, you will reform or build a home from now on, it is better to reconsider the construction and materials.

[Home Safety] is [Family Peace]
We can start to consider home safety by seriously handling termite problems.


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