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Termite Prevention and Extermination


Termite prevention and extermination is necessary! There's nothing better than preventing it because it's too late if we wait until there is a loss! Exterminate termites as soon as we find them.

How can we prevent termite infestation?
Why do we have to take prevention action?
Surely many of us are unaware of losses caused by termites, aren’t we?
How do we take action to prevent and exterminate termites? 
What is best to be done?

Here, we will discuss in detail on how to deal with termites and how important this action is. As preventive action is to create an environment where termites do not want to settle.

Then what should we pay attention to?

  • Avoid extreme humidity at your house
    Termites are fond of damp, moisture/humid environments. Therefore, avoiding extreme humidity at the house is a basic step. In daily life, clean your house regularly and open all windows to create better air circulation.

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  • Do not put woods near the house
    Do you have unused woods around the house?
    If yes, then you have to throw them away. Unused wood around the house is a place where termites build their nest. Especially when it rains continuously, wood becomes moist and termite would likely stay in an excessive moist. We should be careful about this.

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Let’s build a home where termites don’t like to stay.



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