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Termite Extermination and Allergy


Termite extermination can be dangerous! Before we develop allergies, let us take the right action.
Chemicals used to exterminate termite aren’t free from dangerous materials. Therefore, to prevent any allergies regarding the use of chemicals, we need to understand the relation between allergies and these chemicals. Therefore, we will introduce you to the chemicals used and the new method on how to exterminate termites. We will also explain the effect of chemicals on humans especially pregnant women, babies, and pets.

The relation of termite extermination chemical and allergy
There are cases where allergies are caused by termite extermination activities, and it is commonly called as sick house syndrome. For a new home or building, the allergies are common to occur but it is still questioned why termite extermination activities can cause the same allergies. It sounds impossible but sick house syndrome is a disease where chemicals used are the main cause.

The chemicals content inside pest drugs is sometimes to cause allergies, which is a type of sick house syndrome. Sick house allergy from a termite extermination activity does not always appear. This allergy can occur to anybody, especially people with an allergy must be careful since they will have a faster reaction. The main cause of sick house syndrome is the chemical contents inside pest drugs.

Not all drugs are safe to humans, for example organophosphorus, a poison for nerves, which is developed as a biological weapon. Even when a drug has been tested and met the safety standards, it does not mean that the drug has no side effects at all. Drugs can cause headaches, dizziness, eczema, malaise, irritation, and discomfort feelings to eyes and throat. Depending on the drug itself, there are drugs that cause an allergy that we have to be careful when using drugs.


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