Termite Encyclopedia

Effects on pregnant women, infants, and necessary actions
For a house with a pregnant mother, infant, or pets, people are usually worried. If a pregnant mother gets sick house syndrome, we can be sure that it won’t be affecting the fetus.

The longer we stay inside a house where a termite extermination activities have been conducted, then the more chemicals we inhale to our body. In other words, pregnant mothers or infants who stay longer inside the house will be affected by pest drugs.

Furthermore, a drug labelled as safe for humans can have a different effect on pets. There are cases where pets swallow capsule-pest drugs. Inside a termite, the drug contains strong fish poison. Homeowners who keep fish and reptiles shall be careful.

Since termite drugs can have a side effect on pregnant mothers, infants, and pets, they should be evacuated when termite extermination activities begin. Occupants are suggested to evacuate themselves in a safer place to avoid the side effect and we all can be in peace during the process.


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