Termite Encyclopedia

How to select a good termite control service provider?
It is quite important to select a good provider in order to exterminate termites certainly.
Please be sure of the following points to select a good provider.

  • Have qualification of termite extermination
  • Reasonable cost
  • Have a good warranty after extermination
  • A good explanation for extermination
  • Don’t recommend unnecessary service for the customer


It is hard to exterminate termites without specialized knowledge and experience, and it often fails if an amateur does it on his/her own. So it is good to order specialists. However, we need to be careful to select them because unfortunately some of them are rogue. In order to avoid it, please pay attention to select an experienced provider who has much knowledge.

what is the point and the market price? How much does it take for pest control?
The cost for pest control is different depending on the provider. Everyone must consider low cost as cheap as possible, but is it really a good point to select?

Everything has market prices. Too cheap or too expensive, both are suspicious. We will explain about the market price and the points to select providers. In general, the cost of termite control is determined by the following factors.

  • Termites type
    Depends on termites type, treatment method might be changed. So cost also might be changed.
  • Damage
    Cost might be changed depends on the size of damage. It is natural that less damage save cost.
  • Building Structure
    Generally termites extermination is calculated at ㎡. But it might be changed depends on material such as wooden, steel frame or concrete.
  • How to exterminate
    Chemical treatment and bait methods are the one of the common ways to exterminate. Bait methods cost more because they take much more time than others. In the case of chemical treatment, the market price starts from about 75,000 rupiah to 140,000 rupiah per 1㎡ including warranty. An average house (3LDK) costs 100,000 yen in total.
    When you order a quotation from a provider, please check not only total or unit price but detail as well. How they execute pest control, what chemical they will use, you should be able to select a more reliable provider.

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